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    erers recover in a short time, and after two or three days at sea are as well as ever, and continue so. On the other hand, there are some who never outlive its

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    effects, and though their voyage may last a year or more, they are no better sailors at the end than at the beginning. "I knew a young man," he continued, "w

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ho entered the Naval Academy, and graduated. When he was appointed to service on board a ship, he found himself perpetually sick on th

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e water; after an experience of two years, and finding no improvement, he resigned. Such occurrences are by no means rare. I once trav

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elled with a gentleman who was a splendid sailor in fine weather; but when it became rough, he was all wrong, and went to bed." "We

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re you ever sea-sick, Doctor?" queried Frank. "Never," was the reply, "

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el badly. I thanked him and went on deck. "As the ship left the harbor, and went outside to the open Atlantic, she encountered a heavy sea. It was so rough that the majority of the passengers disappeared below. I didn't suffer in

the least, and didn't go to the cabin for two or thre

e hours. There I found that my new friend was in his bed with the very malady he had predicted for me." "What did you do

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then, Doctor?" "Well, I repeated to him the advice he had given me, and told him I saw in his face that h

e was sure to be sea-sick. He didn't recover during the whole voyage, and I never suffer

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